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Grime Team IV & Wot Gear DVD

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World Premiere
Wot Gear & Grime Team IV
Friday 22 November 2013

The Premiere was a great success with most of the cast and crew present.  We had a good, appreciative audience and the complimentary sparking drinks went down very well!

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They all seemed to be pleased to get them and Francis liked his new beard!


Francis Pryor, Helen Geake & Carenza Lewis were presented with their DVDs of Grime Team IV & Wot Gear at a talk by Francis in Cambridge.  

Way back at the dawn of the millennium, someone suggested that, as there were so many tribute bands around, maybe we should set up a tribute dig to Time Team.  This idea evolved into the first Grime Team spoof video. At the time we knew very little about archaeology or film making but it went down well with both the fans and the real members of Time Team.  Grime Team II was made in 2002 and III in 2005 and both met with similar enthusiasm.

James May was given his copy of the DVD at a recording of Top Gear.  “That’s me, isn’t it!”

Some years ago, another friend suggested we made a spoof of Top Gear as well.  "But how do you spoof a spoof?"  Well, with the last series of Time Team being shown this year, we decided now was the time to make our fourth and final Grime Team, alongside our new venture: Wot Gear.

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